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Waterloo co-op students at work

Hiring Waterloo co-op students means you've got options

We're providing the flexibility you need to access top student talent from Waterloo.

It's never too late to post a co-op job.

Our co-op program runs year-round, so we always have students available to hire for four- to eight-month work terms.

If you need access to talent, we'll help you find the right student for your organization as quickly as we can.

Filling your full-time talent needs can be simple, sustainable and affordable for any organization.


Important dates to remember when hiring co-op students

Important dates to remember when hiring students from the Faculty of Health, Arts (including Chartered Professional Accounting co-op students), Engineering, Environment, Mathematics and Science.

Architecture co-op students

Pharmacy co-op students

Hire graduating, alumni, summer and part-time