Indigenous Mennonite Encounters: A Gathering of Body, Mind, and Spirit

This academic conference and community education event will offer stories and analyses of encounters and relationships between Indigenous peoples and Mennonite settlers from point of contact through to the present.

The intent of this event is to advance understanding on the part of Mennonites and other interested participants of their colonial histories, and is an effort to advance reconciliation and bring justice to Indigenous-settler relations. The event will comprise academic presentations, community storytelling, artistic offerings, and both Indigenous and Mennonite ceremony. The organizers anticipate an event full of listening, hearing, conversation, and silence.

Visit the Conference website for more information at www.hotelmaladroxia.com/indigenous-mennonite-encounters
Everyone who visits the Grebel campus must provide proof of vaccination and complete a Covid-19 screening test. See the instructions on the Campus Check-in page.